StenopeiKa Hyper Camera 4×10 advanced


The first affordable panoramic large format camera


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Stenopeika Cameras

Hyper camera 4×10″ advanced is the first affordable panoramic large format camera, derived from the Hyper camera 8×10 mark2 adv

2.6 kg, 30x20x 10 cm when closed, 45 cm max extensions, is the perfect camera for your adventure with 4×10 format.


Weight 2 kg
Bellows Extension

min 120mm – max 500mm (with standard bellows)


Birch Plywood and Aluminum


Linhof Technika


Front Base: +20/-90° – Axis: Limited by Bellows
Rear Base: +20/-90°


Front: +/- 14°, Rear: +/- 14°

Rise & Fall

Front: Up/Down 50mm
Rear: N/A

Dimensions (folded)


Camera Weight

2.6 Kg